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Raxton and CMP Thread Conversion Adaptors and Reducers

Flameproof gland adaptors and reducers Electrical thread conversions

Adaptors - Provide a means of connection between dissimilar thread forms and sizes.

Reducers - Effectively reduce the threaded entry diameter of an enclosure to accept a gland or fitting with a smaller thread.

Stopping Plugs - Designed to close any unused entries in electrical equipment without revoking existing certification.

Many common combinations of thread adaptors and reducers are held in stock and the manufacture of less common combinations or sizes can be arranged with short lead times.

In addition to the items listed here, the Cable Services Group has extensive stocks of ‘loose glands’ including flameproof, nickel plated, aluminum and integrated earth.

Also stocked are brass locknuts, PVC, PCP and LSF shrouds.

For further information and download links on the Raxton and CMP Thread Conversion Adaptors and Reducers see our Cable Gland microsite.

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Thread Conversion Adaptors and Reducers
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