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Duct Seals and Duct Sealing Kits

Cable Services are distrubutors of the CSD Rise and Tyco duct seals and duct sealing kits:

Tyco Duct Sealing - RDSS Raychem Rayflate Duct Sealing System

CSD RISE Duct Seal - Water, Gas and Fire Tight

duct sealing

CSD RISE Duct Seal

The RISE Duct Seal is a multi-cable and pipe transit sealing system, delivering proven technology and lifetime performance. It provides an effective and simple solution to all fireproof, gastight and watertight duct sealing requirements. It consists of only two components: RISE rubber insert sleeves, used to guarantee cable separation and as a backing for the sealant layer, and FIWA sealant, a high quality silicone based, fire resistant, water repellent sealant which consequently makes the system quick and easy to install.

Gas and watertight

The elasticity and high bonding strength of sealant offers a flexible seal which resists movement, shock and vibration, as well as high pressure. The RISE rubber insert sleeves are applied to guarantee cable separation and as a backing for the application of the sealant. For gastight and watertight applications, our standard 60mm RISE sleeve is sufficient.

Fire, gas and water tight

Using our fire resistant RISE insert sleeves at a length of 160mm and applying sealant to both faces of the opening, will provide a fire tight seal. When exposed to heat or flame, the advanced rubbers used within the system will resist heat and flame, assuring total conduit sealing protection against fire, heat, toxic and corrosive gases.

Flexible and versatile

The RISE System can be used in vertical as well as horizontal ducts. The split insert sleeves cling to the cables without sliding down and falling out of the penetration, bundled multi sleeves are available for any openings with lots of free space.The high adhesion and viscosity of the sealant means it will not run or drip when applied overhead. Using the newly developed Aquastop or a drain during installation allows the RISE system to be installed in ducts when there is running water.

Adding/removing cables

Installing additional cables is very straightforward. It is a simple matter of coring into the soft rubber layer of the sealant to a depth of 20mm and passing the additional cables through the opening created. The sealant is then applied around the new cable to re-seal. There is no need to disassemble the whole transit.

Testing Standards

  • Lloyds Register - 1.5 & 2.5 Bar pressure tests with multiple services passing through the conduit
  • TNO Laboratory - Age Tested to prove sealing performance for 50 years
  • TNO Laboratory - Submersion test in petrol and diesel oils
  • TNO Laboratory - Resistance to salt laden atmospheres and solar radiation
  • BS EN1366-3 Fire Test - 4 hour fire protection
  • DEF Stan 02-711 - Low Smoke Index
  • DEF Stan 02-713 - Low Toxicity Index
  • ISO4589-3 - High Temperature Index
  • ISO4589-2 - High Oxygen Index
duct sealing

Raychem Rayflate Duct Sealing System

Unsealed cable pipes and ducts need not to cause dampness and flooding in substation basements, cable vaults and access manholes.

In these environments rust, corrosion and a humid environment inevitably result in damage to support structures, metal work and electrical equipment. The most common route for water to enter into such installations can be blocked simply and effectively by a field proven technique developed by Raychem.

The Rayflate Duct Sealing System (RDSS) has been designed for use on power cables to provide a watertight seal when used with plastic, concrete or steel ducting systems.

Once installed the Rayflate duct seals can provide operators with immediate access in clean and dry conditions, eliminating the routine of pumping manholes dry before work can begin.

Eliminates the need to pump manholes dry, avoids ingress of mud into ducts, and withstands severely polluted environments.

Clean, fast, easy sealing method

The Rayflate seal consist of an inflatable bladder of flexible metallic laminate, coated on both sides with a sealant strip. With the sealant strips lubricated, the product is simply wrapped around the cable and easily slides into the duct. The bladder is then inflated with a gas pressure tool which presses the sealant coating against the duct wall and the cable. Upon removal of the filling tube, an automatic gel valve system reliably retains the gas pressure in the Rayflate duct seal. The entire installation is performed within a few minutes - even in congested enclosures - without any messy or installer-sensitive mixing and filling.

Seals vacant and multiple cable ducts

Depending on the duct diameter, most Rayflate bags seal vacant ducts and ducts which contain up to two cables. Sealing of three or more cables can be easily achieved by merely inserting a mastic sealant-clip between the cables. The RDSS-Clip is made from a high-temperature mastic mounted on an installation stick.


As the Rayflate system adapts itself to most configurations, the system is independent of duct ovality. Each Rayflate seal covers a large range of cable and duct diameters.

Ideal for both new and existing cable installations

The versatility of the wraparound concept enables use not only for new cable installations, but also for existing applications. Unlike other methods that require dry ducts, the Rayflate seals can be installed when water is still flowing out of the duct - thus saving valuable installation time.


Rayflate seals are easier to be removed from a duct or a pipe than other systems. This allows cables to be replaced in an upgrade or repair. Since ducts are not damaged by the Rayflate system, they can easily be sealed again.

Environmentally friendly

Rayflate seals do not require any mixing of liquids, thus eliminating typical hazards involved in preparation of 2-component resin systems, and the need for costly disposal of harmful residues or messy containers. Empty gas cylinders or the lubricant bottles will be recycled when disposed in metal scrap or PE/PP collection containers, respectively. Residuals of the lubricant are treated as normal waste water.

Performance Tested

Rayflate duct seals are a result of our long involvement in sealing and corrosion protection technologies.

Extensive testing at room temperature has shown water and air tightness at static pressures of more than 0.3 bar, even in conjunction with cable bending, vibration, torsion and axial pull. Resistance to common chemicals has been proven by immersion tests.

As the Rayflate system is specially designed for power cables, it was tested with cables load-cycled at conductor temperatures of 90°C, similar to specifications required for cable accessories. The sealing tests showed water and air tightness with internal duct pressures of 0.3 bar with single and multi-cable configurations. A detailed test report is available.

Lifetime calculations indicate that a typical Rayflate duct seal will withstand a 3 m waterhead for 30 years after installation. These results are based on typical utility cable loads at average ambient temperatures of 25°C and diffusion rate measurements at elevated temperatures and after ageing by load-cycling. The sealing performance was confirmed by sealing tests with reduced internal bladder pressures.

Tools for easy and quick inflation

Rayflate duct seals can be installed using a wide variety of inflation tools, which have the capability to inflate the bag to 3.0 ± 0.2 bar pressure. We offer two inflation tools, using either a CO2 cartridge or the customers' own source of compressed air. Both tools feature an easy-to-read gauge and a release valve to ensure proper inflation pressure.


Inflation tool complete with an ON/OFF switch and an automatic pressure monitoring system. The required CO2 gas cylinders (E7512-0160) must be ordered separately. The standard package includes 1 tool per box plus operating manual and a 3-year warranty.


Sixteen gr. CO2 gas cylinders for RDSS-IT-16 tool. Each gas cylinder inflates approx. 5 pcs of RDSS-100 duct seals. Each box contains 10 gas cylinders.


RDSS-IG-SR-AS: Inflation tool using a pressure bottle, an air-compressor or a main air pressure line with pressure input between 4 bar and 10 bar. Features automatic shutoff, a VG8 valve connection and two alternative connections for plastic or rubber hoses.


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