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Wipemaster Service Pack

The Wipemaster Service Pack is an all-in-one essential piece of kit featuring a range of WIPE 14 Cable Cleaning / Degreasing Products which contain a powerful fast drying precision cleaner and a Di-electric strength of 50,000v.

Wipemaster Service Pack

1) Wipemaster Service Pack - Product code: csservicepack
Supplied in Branded Cube Bag and contains:

  • Wipemaster Wipe 14 - 250 Cable Cleaning / Degreasing Wet Wipes
  • Wipemaster Wipe 14 - 1 Litre Cable Cleaning / Degreasing Solution
  • Wipemaster Handy Tub 10 - 150 Mechanic Hand Wipes
  • Plus - 50 Apertured Wipes / 100 Nitrile Gloves / Special Waste Bag

2) Wipemaster Service Pack Refill also available - Product code: csservicepack-refill
As per above but excludes the Branded Cube Bag

Wipemaster Service Pack Data Sheet PDF Download

catalogue Wipemaster

Wipemaster Cable Cleaning and Degreasing Products

WipeMaster WIPE 14 Cable Cleaning and Degreasing products contain a powerful fast drying precision cleaner with a di-electric strength of 50,000v.

Tyco Duct Sealing

Product Range:

  • Wipemaster Wipe 14
    Cable Cleaning / Degreasing Wet Wipes
    29cm x 20cm Sheet - 500 Wipes per tub
  • Wipemaster Wipe 14
    Cable Cleaning / Degreasing Wet Wipes
    25cm x 16cm Sheet - 250 Wipes per tub
  • Wipemaster Wipe 14
    Cable Cleaning / Degreasing Solution
    1 Litre Bottle
  • Wipemaster Handy Tub 10
    Mechanic Hand Wipes
    26cm x 31cm Sheet - 150 Wipes per tub
  • Wipemaster WX100 Box Wiper Rag Alternative - Dispenser Box
    Direct rag alternative, bulky, textured, high absorbency, low lint and great wet strength.
    46cm x 38cm Sheet - 75gsm
    300 sheets roll - Dispenser Box

These products are multi-functional and can be used for:

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance and installation tasks
  • Underground electrical cable and jointing systems
  • Switchgear installation
  • Sub-station cleaning and maintenance

Features & Benefits:

Wipemaster Data Sheet
  • The product produces a residue free finish.
  • The formulation will remove:
    Bitumen, Cable Jelly, Grease, Tar, Oil, Sealants and most other inorganic soils encountered during installation, inspection and maintenance tasks.
  • The product will not affect the insulation or cable cores and is compatible with most metals, plastics, rubbers, polymers.
  • The product is low odour, low VOC and non-flammable.
  • The product is available in a tough high specification and industry specific low linting substrate.

Wipemaster Data Sheet PDF Download

catalogue LoviSil cable joints Lovink Enertech logo

Official Distributor For Lovink Enertech B.V.

Now available from stock

Lovink Enertech LoviSil® cable joints boast more than 20 years of proven field experience with a reliability rate of more than 99.9%.

Thanks to the LoviSil® insulating material the joint is particularly suitable for application with both Polymeric and Paper cables. Not only is it the ideal transition joint, it can also be used as a universal joint with excellent results. LoviSil® joints provide many unique user advantages for customers in different sectors. Energy companies benefit from exceptional reliability, Docks and Harbour Authorities from the enhanced moisture resistance, and Chemical Companies and Refineries benefit from the flame-free installation and good chemical resistance.

A Single Joint for Every Application

The Lovisil® joint has been fully tested in accordance with Cenelec HD 629, including additional testing at 2 bar water pressure. Due to the LoviSil® joints unique module system all conceivable jointing applications are possible. They are suitable for poly/poly, paper/paper and poly/paper.

  • 11-22kV 1C-1C 95-630mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3X1C-3X1C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3X1C-3C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3C-3C 95-300mm Straight / Transition
  • 11-22kV 3C-3C AND 3X1C-3X1C 95-300mm Branch and Loop Joint
  • 11-22kV 1C, 3C and 3X1C 95-630mm and 95-300mm Stop End Joint

For further details view the LoviSil Cable Joint web page or download the LoviSil Product Sheet.specialist electrical distributors EasyTrace PDF

Easy Trace Kits

EASY TRACE KITS are the latest addition to the extensive range of Trace Heating tapes and accessories available from the Cable Services Group.

These kits make protecting your pipes from freezing this winter both easy and affordable.

EASY TRACE offers a connect and go system. Available in pre-terminated lengths of 3M, 6M, 10M and 12M (other metre lengths up to 9M available on request), and supplied complete with:

  • Pre-terminated thermostat and end seal
  • Fixing tape
  • Warning labels

These 240V, 10W / M kits are an easily installed and cost effective way of providing frost protection for pipes in small commercial applications. (Please note that your pipe work still requires insulation).

We can also offer the tape per metre for larger installations and can supply you with a list of accessories required for your application.

:: Click here or image across to download PDF product leaflet.

cataloguept technologies europe logo

PT Technologies TechLube Biodegradable Water Based Lubricant

  • Underground Power & Telecom cable placementlubricants.
  • Duct pre-lubrication to reduce friction & risk in difficult pulls.
  • “String & Cling” consistency = perfect adhesion onto cable in wet weather & resistance to wash off in water filled ducts.
  • Compatibility tested with cable jacket materials & jointing accessories.
  • Techlube products retain duct lubrication for several months assisting additional cable pulls to
    same duct.
  • Non flammable.
  • Biodegradable & non toxic for environment & staff safety.
  • Several formulations (HD, Multi, PHD, M, FO) to match your exact need.

:: Click here or image across to download PDF product leaflet.
:: View VIDEO Demonstration

catalogue Antibacterial Hand Cleaning Wipes PDF pt technologies europe logo

PT Technologies Antibacterial Hand Cleaning Wipes

  • Antibacterial waterless hand cleaner.
  • Effective against E-Coli, Leptospira (Weil’s disease), etc.
  • Ideal for all Utilities: gas, water, power, telecom, trains, transport, municipal, wastewater, refuse.
  • Heavy duty abrasive action removes even tar & bitumen.
  • Kind to hands – contains skin rehydrant.
  • Quick drying – no sticky residue.
  • Health & Safety – peace of mind.
  • Available in handy 24 wipe flat pack or 100 wipe bucket.

:: Click here or image across to download PDF product leaflet.
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catalogue Power Industry Cleaning Solution PDF pt technologies europe logo

PT Technologies Power Industry Cleaning Solution

  • Residue free cleaning ensures no earth tracking or local hot spots.
  • High voltage approved (up to 440kV).
  • Full resin adhesion to joint surfaces eliminates moisture ingress.
  • Reduced installation faults ensure maximum cable life.
  • Designed to IEEE recommendations.
  • Non flammable - eliminates flammable liquid solvent issues.
  • Reduces VOC emissions.
  • Eliminates health & safety exposure problems.
  • Eliminates liquid spillages and other issues.
  • Eliminates hazardous transport, storage and logistics.

:: Click here or image across to download PDF product leaflet.
:: View VIDEO Demonstration

catalogue tyco electronics logo

GelWrap - Wrap-around Splice Cover

Tyco Electronic’s GelWrap sleeves quickly and conveniently insulate and seal buried electrical connections rated up to 600 volts.The robust,yet compact, design is engineered to handle the harshenvironments of direct burial and manhole applications.GelWrap sleeves are equally well suited for insulation and jacket repair.

:: Click here or image across to download PDF product leaflet.

catalogue tyco guroflex tyco electronics logo

GUROFLEX MV - Cold-Pour Insulating Compound for Medium Voltage Applications

Tyco Electronic’s GUROFLEX MV is a two-component cold-pour insulating compound. After mixing and pouring it cures to a soft rubbery solid that will not melt or flow. It has excellent electrical characteristics and is suitable for a wide range of bulk insulation applications in medium voltage electrical power equipment

:: Click here or image across to download PDF product leaflet.

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