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On 12th August 1971 CABLE SERVICES (NORTH WEST) LIMITED was incorporated. A month later on 11th September 1971, the first invoice was issued – The journey had begun!

This was the first Company bearing the name CABLE SERVICES to be founded by Mr Joe Williams and his wife Lily.

It had long been Joe’s ambition to run his own Company. He had worked in the electrical industry for most of his life up to 1970 apart from the war years when he had served in the Army.

He had a vision of providing a service that would be second to none in supplying and advising the companies who would depend on such a facility.When the opportunity arose to start this company, he grabbed it wholeheartedly.

Ambitious and confident in his own ability to succeed, when Joe Williams was writing out Invoice no. 1 on 11th September 1971, was he thinking of the possibility that this would be the first step on a journey that could see “Cable Services” become the most successful and respected Company of its kind?


The Cable Services Philosophy

The following was written by Joe Williams in 1983:

“Since the formation of Cable Services in 1971 it has always been my policy to provide a first class service on a small range of specialised products as required by electrical engineers in the construction, manufacturing and services industries. By virtue of this my staff and I have been able, and are still able, to introduce to our customers, very quickly and professionally, new methods, techniques and products as they become available – all fully supported by comprehensive stocks and a fast and efficient service, second to none.“

So, today,  what’s changed? NOTHING

Although Joe Williams is no longer around, the Company is led by a team of Directors and management who still follow the same policy that he adopted. Our experienced and highly qualified staff are always available to advise and support our customers, and will tirelessly strive to produce a service that will continue to provide what is required in a professional manner.


Quality Management System – Iso 9001:2015

Occupational Health & Safety Management System – ISO 45001:2018


Environmental Management System – ISO 14001:2015

RISQS Certificate

Data Protection Policy

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Act

UVDB Certificate


Full technical back up is available to our customers on all the products supplied by the group. Our limited integrated range, means that our sales personnel are exceptionally well informed and therefore able to assist customers with any enquiry. In the event of a question being beyond our experience, our long standing relationship with our suppliers means that their technical expertise is immediately available.


Quality Policy

‘The Cable Services Group of Companies Quality Policy is to maintain, on a continuous basis, an effectively managed Quality Assurance Programme, designed to assure customers that materials conform to the laid down procedures of BS/EN/ISO 9000 and similar types of quality assurance specification.’

(Extracted from the Quality Manual of the Cable Services Group of Companies)

Equal Opportunities Policy

The Cable Services Group is an Equal Opportunities Employer. The aim of having this policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favorable treatment on the grounds of colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin, gender, marital status, sexuality, religion or age.

Selection criteria and procedures will be kept under review to ensure that individuals are selected and treated on the basis of relevant merit and ability.

All employees will be given equal opportunities within the Group’s service and will be encouraged to progress within the organisation.

To ensure direct or indirect discrimination is not occurring, recruitment and other employment decisions will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

Health & Safety Policy

Our Policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for our employees, and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. We also accept our responsibility for health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities.

This policy and the way it has operated will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Environmental Policy

The Cable Services Group of Companies are non manufacturing businesses, therefore the Directors of the Companies consider that the activities of the Group have a relatively low impact on the environment. However, the Directors consider that the protection of the environment is a vital business responsibility and consequently encourage all employees to actively involve themselves in constantly reappraising the effect of their individual activities on the environment and consider ways to reduce this effect. In this way the Group aims to ensure that its environmental performance will continually improve and be in-line with the best practices of similar commercial enterprises.

The Directors are fully committed to complying with all relevant legislation and will continually review operations to ensure that this applies.


Cable Services Group – Account Application

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Cable Services Limited
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Tel: 01978 340474
Email: accounts@cableservices.co.uk

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