EV Charging


Cable Services Group are now supporting the ever increasing demand for EV charge points throughout the UK. Working closely with leading suppliers, we can source products to meet any upcoming projects to install EV Charge points as well as offering a number of products to support each charge point from Earthing through to Pre Wired Pillars.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • LV and MV Joints and Terminations
  • Earthing including Condudisc
  • Waveform bunching connectors
  • LV and MV Cables for DNO and IDNO spec’s
  • Pedestal Chargers
  • Wall Mounted Chargers
  • Distribution boards
  • Route Base for Charger
  • Pre wired Pillars


For further details on our range of EV Charging  products, please get in touch.

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GARO LS4 EV Charging

EV Charging for every application – Robust , proven chargers with high quality future proof connectivity & OCPP support. GARO Electric offers a premium quality range of smart and robust EV charging pillars which are ideally suited to public spaces.

All charging stations are manufactured in Europe, resulting in immediate stock availability, quality production and speedy timeframes for bespoke orders. All GARO chargers are user friendly, feature a stylish design, smart functionality and have built-in protection for personal safety.

Options are available within the GARO range to facilitate OCPP or 3rd party cloud billing and management solutions. A three year warranty is standard across the range.

GARO Commercial Brochure

GARO Data Sheet

EV Supply Feeder Pillars

To support the implementation of EV Charging Networks across both Public and Commercial markets, Lucy Zodion have launched the EVIS Pillar Range, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Solutions, a range of standard EV Connection Feeder Pillars that are site-ready and available for express delivery.

The EVIS Pillar Range is designed to meet a wide range of application requirements from 100A – 630A for both Private Supply and New DNO Supplies, in both TT and PME earthing installations.

The EVIS Pillar Range of EV Connection Feeder Pillars are available in several different configurations, enabling installers to select the correct layout for their needs.

Housed in Lucy Zodion’s market leading Fortress HDG Feeder Pillars, solutions are available in both TT and PME earthing options, with incomers rated at 100A, 200A, 400A and 630A.

Standard Feeder Pillar designs for EV applications help designers & consultants, as well as decision makers – four standard designs and simple tick box options aid selection for the many different EV requirements.

Lucy Zodion

The EVIS range won the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” 2023 at the Highway Electrical Association Awards evening.

EV Feeder Pillars - The Range

  • 100A Options
  • 200A Options
  • 400A Options
  • 630A Options
  • 52 Base Models
  • TT Options
  • PME Options
  • DNO Connections
  • Private Connections
  • 30mA & 300mA Options

EV Feeder Pillars - Future Proofing


Feeder Pillar – LV Distribution

  • Wired to BS7671 (18th edition), IEC60364 & Code of Practice Standards
  • Earthing (TT or TN-C-S)
  • PEN devices can be installed
  • Touch safe internal enclosures (Class II)
  • Modular design to cater for different charge point installations
  • Anti-condensation heater fitted

Future-proofing recommended as the EV network grows.


PLP’s EV Charging Station Foundation is a pre-fabricated, precision-engineered solution for EV charging. Its durable yet lightweight polypropylene foundation requires no specialized machinery; it can be installed by one person in one day. The EV Charging Station Foundation’s design adapts to fi t a wide range of chargers and charger poles currently on the market, and the aluminum top plate provides a clean finish and easy access point for repairs and future upgrades.

Features and Benefits

  • Make-ready solution that prevents future infrastructure changes
  • Easy, one-day installation; no concrete pours or heavy machinery required
  • Engineered solution creates a clean, uniform appearance
  • Manufactured from durable, weather-resistant polypropylene
  • Four ports for versatility and future expansion
  • Top plate creates easy access point for charger repairs, replacements, or upgrades
  • Lockable wire storage protects components until charging station is installed

For further information, please ring the office on 01978 340450 or Email: sales@cableservices.co.uk

PLP’s EV Charging Station Foundation
Earthing Services

Electrical Vehicle Charging Points – Earthing without rods: safer, faster and more effective earthing.

Earthing Services saves time, money and lives for its clients. Adapting technology that has saved millions of pounds for several of the world’s largest telecoms companies, with ConduDisc, Conducrete and our other products Earthing Services increase the reliability of your metering and distribution pillars. ConduDisc solutions dramatically enhance earthing performance over traditional methods; they are very strong and reliable, environmentally neutral and incredibly fast to install.

For further information, please ring the office on 01978 340450 or Email: sales@cableservices.co.uk

How ConduDisc Can Support EV Charging points