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July 07 2022 0Comment
Smith Electrical

Smith Electrical Ltd

When the opportunity arose in 2003 to acquire Smith Electrical Ltd. In Glasgow.It did not take the Directors long to decide that this would be the way forward, not only did this Company have a similar family based background, and a solid reputation for dependability, but it would also expand the Cable Services Group to […]

June 22 2022 0Comment

Cable Services Group exhibits at ENERGYx 2022 – South

The Cable Services Group exhibited at the ENERGYx 2022 South event at Newbury Racecourse last week (June 14th/15th). This was an opportunity to welcome and to speak with leading people and companies working in Electrical Utilities, Network Operators, DNOs, Railway Companies, Transport Specialists, Renewable Companies, Civil Works, Health & Safety, Telecom, Data Centres and Industrial […]

June 08 2022 0Comment

Cable Training Services : Who we are

Gary Barnett – Technical & Training Manager Gary Barnett has held several technical positions with various cable accessory OEM’s over the last 35 years, supporting their products used by the UK DNO’s. These positions have included managing engineering, design, development and testing functions as well as being an influential member of UK standards committees, ensuring […]

June 03 2022 0Comment
Cable Services

Cable Training Services

This particular aspect of our Company began in 2012 and provides an extra dimension to the services already offered to our customers. The Directors identified a requirement to facilitate product familiarisation training courses for our customers. To this end the collaboration between Cable Training Services and some of our suppliers was established. We are proud […]

May 19 2022 0Comment

Cable Services Donates Over £50,000 To Local Charities

The “Cable Service Group Charity Fund (Charity Reg No: 1179915) – Making a difference in our local communities” was set up almost 4 years ago with the intention to benefit all those communities’ in which we have our branches: Wrexham, Swindon, Stone, Liverpool and Glasgow. Following a successful year in 2021, both the company and […]

May 06 2022 0Comment

Cable Services (U.K.) Limited

Cable Services (U.K.) Limited was incorporated 2 1st November 1979. This Company was set up toservice all U.K. areas not covered by the branches at Wrexham, Liverpool and Stoke-on-Trent, andalso to cater for any overseas enquiries that might come our way. The Company was based in Wrexham and was managed by Brian Rogers who had […]

March 29 2022 0Comment

Cable Services Group to exhibit at ENERGYx 2022 at Newbury Racecourse

We are delighted to announce we will be exhibiting at the ENERGYx2022 South event, which is being staged at Newbury Racecourse on the 15th June 2022. A great opportunity for us to welcome old and new friends to meet up with the Cable Services team. For further details on the event, please visit :

March 02 2022 0Comment
Cable Services

Cable Services (Central) Limited

Cable Services (Central) Limited was incorporated 13th November 1973. The first Managing Director was Herbert Hayes, who was well experienced in his association with the Electrical Industry which stretched back to the post World War 2 years. In fact, it was while they were both serving their Country in Italy that Herbert and Joe had […]