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Commercial Electric Trace Heating

nVent Wintergard Freeze Protection of Pipes

For Frost Protection and Temperature Maintenance

230V frost protection for pipework at a maximum of 65°C operating temperature.

  • FSA2X, 10w/m @ 5°C
  • FSB2X, 26w/m @ 5°C

230V frost protection for pipework at a maximum of 95°C operating temperature and temperature maintenance for metal waste pipes containing fatty waste water.

  • FSC2X, 31w/m @ 5°C
  • FSC2X, 22w/m @ 40°C

Frost protection cables FS-A-2X and FS-B-2X are suitable for any pipe material (metal or plastic) without restriction. For plastic pipes, please use aluminium adhesive tape AT180. The frost protection cable should be covered over its entire length.

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