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RDSS Raychem Rayflate Duct Sealing System
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Tyco Duct Seals

RDSS Raychem Rayflate Duct Sealing System

Rayflate duct seals are clean, fast, environmentally friendly seals consisting of an inflated bladder of
flexible metallic laminate, coated on both sides with a sealant strip. The bladder is wrapped around the cable or cables and inflated with a gas pressure tool.

  • Available in a range of duct sealing sizes with maximum duct size from 45mm to 150mm.

Rayflate duct seals can be installed using a wide variety of inflation tools which have the capability to inflate the bladder to 3.0 ± 0.2 bar pressure.

The system offers two inflation tools.

  • RDSS-IT-16 duct sealing using disposable gas cylinders (Ref E7572-0160).
  • RDSS-16-SR-AS duct sealing used in conjunction with an available air supply / pressure bottle / air compressor with pressure input at between 4 and 10 bar.
  • For larger sized ducts ask us about RDSS-AD-210

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Tyco Duct Sealing
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