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World Earth Day 2024 – How Cable Services takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

Yesterday, April 22nd marked World Earth Day 🌍 and is a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together to take action for a healthier planet and a brighter future.
We take our environmental responsibility seriously at Cable Services and it’s our priority to reduce our cardon footprint with a number of initiatives across the business.
🔌 Electric fork trucks introduced at all our branches
🚗 Hybrid and electric cars now offered to staff members to help reduce emissions #evcharging
💡 Smart lighting systems are in place to reduce energy usage
📦 Packaging – meeting our new 100% recycling scheme.
🏢 Moving towards a paperless office with the introduction of a cloud based data-driven distribution solution
📄 Environmental Management System – ISO 14001: 2015
“As part of our 2024 sustainability plan, the Management Team was tasked to look at changing the Group’s packaging strategy and implement where possible, sustainable development plan. This is a key objective for the business and we recognise the importance of actively promoting this as part of our day to day activities and within all management system processes. As of today, plastic packaging delivered via our haulier networks to our client base is 100 % recycled.” Warren Hughes – Warehouse Manager
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Working towards a more sustainable and cleaner future today! 🙂
See what we are doing: 📽