3M™ Wire Pulling Lubricant WL, LUB-I 3.78l

Not only does 3M™ Wire Pulling Lubricant Gel make wire pulling jobs smoother and safer, it also wipes off the cable quickly and cleanly before terminating or splicing. The consistent gel does not liquefy, or separate with hot or cold aging. It stays thick, smooth and ready to apply. Temperature use range is 20°F to 110°F. A low co-efficient of friction makes cable pulling easier and safer with less chance of cable jacket damage from high pulling forces. Colourless, water soluble, and non-staining and affords quick and easy clean up. Easy to handle and apply and leaves no residue due to it being water based. Low solids content means less conduit blocking if additional pulls are required.


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LUB-I 3.78l White Polumer gel diameter size, 3.78l pack