CSD NOFIRNO Duct Sealing System

Firesafe,Watertight and Gastight protection for building entries and cable duct terminations. A simple and long term solution designed for sealing cable ducts and building entries against ingress of water, gas or flooding. The system is used extensively across the utilities and construction sectors to protect electrical substations, equipment rooms and cabinets, wind turbines and critical infrastructure.


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Reference Name
RISEDUCT50X3-R 50mm Duct diameter size
RISEDUCT100-R 100mm Duct diameter size
RISEDUCT125-R 125mm Duct diameter size
RISEDUCT150-R 150mm Duct diameter size
RISEDUCT160-R 160mm Duct diameter size
RISEDUCT200-R 200mm Duct diameter size
RISEDUCT225-R 225mm Duct diameter size
RISEDUCT300-R 300mm Duct diameter size