Ellis Patents Alpha ™ Aluminium Trefoil Cleats (Aluminium Base)

The Ellis Patents Alpha Cable Cleats are designed for short-circuit retention and cable protection in Low Voltage (LV), Medium Voltage (MV), and High Voltage (HV) power cable systems. They are suitable for single-way or trefoil installations, offering reliable support and safety across a wide range of applications.



Key Features

  • Range of Sizes
    The Alpha cable cleats are available in sizes that accommodate cable diameters ranging from 23.2 mm to 74.6 mm. This flexibility allows you to find the perfect fit for your specific cable application, whether you require moderate to low levels of short-circuit withstand.
  • Durable and Lightweight Construction
    Made from extruded aluminium, the Alpha cable cleats are lighter and tougher than cast products, ensuring long-lasting durability. The LSF Zero Halogen base option can be used to prevent galvanic corrosion in certain environments.
  • Easy Installation
    The Alpha cleats are designed for rapid installation, with zinc-plated closing fasteners for secure and reliable connections. The straightforward design reduces installation time and complexity.

Compliance with International Standards

Ellis Patents Alpha Cable Cleats meet International Standard IEC 61914:2009, ensuring high-quality performance and safety. They are rigorously tested for impact resistance, resistance to electromechanical force, and other critical factors to guarantee reliability.

Technical Specifications

  • Impact Resistance: Rated “Very Heavy” (5 kg at 400 mm), providing excellent durability.
  • Resistance to Electromechanical Force: Capable of withstanding short-circuit forces up to 96 kA (peak) at 600 mm centers for a single short-circuit event.
  • Temperature Range: -40 to +90 °C for aluminium base and up to +60 °C for the polymeric base version.
  • Needle Flame Test: Withstands over 120 seconds of application time, ensuring flame resistance.
  • Axial Movement Test: Can handle axial loads of up to 440 Newtons (N).

Applications and Use Cases

Ellis Patents Alpha Cable Cleats are ideal for cable management in LV, MV, and HV systems, whether in industrial, utility, or infrastructure projects. They are designed to hold cables in trefoil formation securely, providing reliable support and protection against short-circuit forces.

Selection Table

Data Sheets

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Reference Name
ALP01-AN0 23.2 - 25.1mm cable sizing
ALP02-AN0 25.1 - 27.1mm cable sizing
ALP03-AN0 27.1 - 29.3mm cable sizing
ALP04-AN0 29.3 - 31.7mm cable sizing
ALP05-AN0 31.7 - 34.2mm cable sizing
ALP06-AN0 34.2 - 37mm cable sizing
ALP07-AN0 37 - 40mm cable sizing
ALP08-AN0 40 - 43.2mm cable sizing
ALP09-AN0 43.2 - 46.7mm cable sizing
ALP10-AN0 46.7 - 50.5mm cable sizing
ALP11-AN0 50.5 - 54.6mm cable sizing
ALP12-AN0 54.6 - 59mm cable sizing
ALP13-AN0 59 - 63.8mm cable sizing
ALP14-AN0 63.8 - 69mm cable sizing
ALP15-AN0 69 - 74.6mm cable sizing