Hellermann Tyton Nylon Cable Ties – Inside Serrated

T-SERIES CABLE TIES – used for bonding and securing cables , pipes and hoses. These cable ties can be used in almost any type of application. Available in black and natural and also available in a wide range of sizes. Made from 100% high quality plastic, allows for good recycling. Inside serrated for strong hold around bundles. Simple to insert due to the ergonomically bent trail. LK SERIES CABLE TIES – this range of cable ties in-between sizes to the T series are also used for building and securing cables, pipes and hoses. These cable ries can be used for almost any type of application. Also available in a wide range of materials and sizes. High tensile strength with very low insertion force, makes them quick and simple to install.


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T18RBLK2.5 - 100mm cable sizing, Black colour
LK5BLK13.2 - 535mm cable sizing, Black colour
LK2ANAT4.6 - 270mm cable sizing, Natural colour
LK2ABLK4.6 - 270mm cable sizing, Black colour
T120RNAT7.6 - 387mm cable sizing, Natural colour
T120RBLK7.6 - 387mm cable sizing, Black colour
T50LNAT4.6 - 390mm cable sizing, Natural colour
T50LBLK4.6 - 390mm cable sizing, Black colour
T50RNAT4.6 - 200mm cable sizing, Natural colour
T50RBLK4.6 - 200mm cable sizing, Black colour
T30RNAT3.5 - 150mm cable sizing, Natural colour
T30RBLK3.5 - 150mm cable sizing, Black colour
T18RNAT2.5 - 100mm cable sizing, Natural colour
LK5NAT13.2 - 535mm cable sizing, Natural colour