Henley Heavy Duty Cut Out HDCO 200A, 400A & 630A


WT HENLEY has a range of Insulated Heavy Duty Cutouts. The design is based on a modular concept with each phase independent of each other. Manufactured from flame retardant High Impact GRP, which is inherently flame retardant and has good electrical insulating properties.


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54426-04200A c/w Mechanical connector incoming /Stud outgoing & 82mm Carrier** variant
54427-17400A c/w Mechanical Connector incoming/Stud outgoing & 82mm Carrier** variant
54426-18200A c/w Mechanical connector incoming/Tunnel connector outgoing & 82mm carrier** variant
54428-18630A c/w Mechanical connector incoming/Stud outgoing & 92mm carrier variant
54427-23400A c/w Mechanical Connector incoming/Tunnel connector outgoing & 82mm Carrier variant
54428-15630A c/w Mechanical Connector incoming/Tunnel connector outgoing & 92mm Carrier variant
TBAFuse carrier 82 mm variant
54402-47Red terminal shroud 82 mm variant
54402-46Red terminal shroud 92 mm variant
54402-48Replacement earth cover variant