Lovink M-Series Silicone Filled Joints – Triplex/Paper Trifurcating Joints 11kV


LoviSil® medium voltage cable joints have been developed featuring fluid silicones that can boast 30 years proven field experience with an extremely low failure rate. Thanks to the construction and characteristics of the silicone based insulation material, LoviSil® joints offer a reliable connection with polymeric and especially paper-insulated cables. LoviSil® cable joints are available as transition, straight through and branch joints. In addition Lovink Enertech has also applied LoviSil® technology for cross-bonding joints, oil refill joints and feed-in joints.


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SJ-LOV-11B-3XU-3PA-TRIP-CS70-150mm2 cable connector size, Triplex size type
SJ-LOV-11C-3XU-3PA-TRIP-CS120-185mm2 cable connector size, Triplex size type
SJ-LOV-11D-3XU-3PA-TRIP-CS240-300mm2 cable connector size, Triplex size type