Partex Stainless Steel Cable Ties

  • Roller ball stainless steel cable
  • Self locking design for fast and secure installation.
  • Fully enclosed head prevents dirt or grit from interfering with locking mechanism.
  • Smooth rounded edges for safe handling.
  • Suitable for all types of cable insulation.
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Ideal for applications where corrosion, vibration, radiation or extremes of temperature are a concern.
  • Fire proof, UV Resistant and halogen free. · Temperature range: -80°C to +500°C

Selection Table

Data Sheets

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Reference Name
SST1316 150 X 4.6mm cable sizing
SST2316 200 X 4.6mm cable sizing
SST3316 260 X 4.6mm cable sizing
SST3816 300 X 4.6mm cable sizing
SST4316 360 X 4.6mm cable sizing
SST5316 520 X 4.6mm cable sizing
SST6316 680 X 4.6mm cable sizing
SST2316H 200 X 7.9mm cable sizing
SST3816H 300 X 7.9mm cable sizing
SST4316H 360 X 7.9mm cable sizing
SST5316H 520 X 7.9mm cable sizing
SST6316H 680 X 7.9mm cable sizing
SST8316H 840 X 7.9mm cable sizing
SST10316H 1000 X 7.9mm cable sizing