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Cable Services

The Journey has begun

On 12th August 1971 CABLE SERVICES (North West) Limited was incorporated.

A month later on 11th September 1971, the first invoice was issued – The journey had begun!

This was the first Company bearing the name CABLE SERVICES to be founded by Mr Joe Williams and his wife Lily.

It had long been Joe’s ambition to run his own Company. He had worked in the electrical industry for most of his life up to 1970 apart from the war years when he had served in the Army.

He had a vision of providing a service that would be second to none in supplying and advising the companies who would depend on such a facility. When the opportunity arose to start this company, he grabbed it wholeheartedly.

Ambitious and confident in his own ability to succeed, when Joe Williams was writing out invoice no. 1 on 11th September 1971, was he thinking of the possibility that this would be the first step on a journey that could see “Cable Services” become the most successful and respected Company of its kind?