August 24 2021 0Comment

Cable Services launches NEW website!

We are proud to announce the launch of the NEW Cable Services Group website. We recognise the importance of having an online platform that enables us to showcase both the services and products that the Cable Services Group can provide in the best possible way.

Following the success of the Cable Training Services website ( which we launched in 2019, we have followed the same style with our bold, new look. We have introduced many new features which include a chat facility and a quoting system to enable us to get closer to our customers and to service them in the best possibly way.

“We are now living in an age where more and more people are working remotely and both social media and websites are vital tools for companies to engage with their target customers and stake holders. We decided that we wanted the style to be a whole NEW

fresh approach with ease of navigation for the user, and I’m confident that we have achieved that.”

Huw Evans: Marketing Manager