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Specialists In
  • Cable Glanding and Termination
  • Crimping and Crimping Tools
  • Cable Fixing and Supports
  • Cable Jointing and Terminating
  • Service Connections
  • Electric Trace Heating
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection
  • Cable - All Descriptions
  • Street Lighting Products
  • Tooling and Tool Hire
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Company History

Cable Services (North West) Ltd. was established in 1971 by the late Joe Williams, whose vision it was to form a business dedicated to giving customers unrivalled service on a finite range of cable and accessory products. Today Cable Services majors in the products of only ten suppliers. All products are closely related and centre around cable and its immediate accessories. For example, Glanding, Terminating, Jointing and Cable Support, above and below ground, at voltages up to 132kV.

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Recent Developments / Catalogue Additions

Over the last ten years the Cable Services Group has increasingly been involved with contractors supporting the Electricity Supply Utilities (DNO’s), and also the multi utility contractors providing connections in the rapidly expanding private networks sector. As such the stock carried by the Group has changed to reflect these developments, with large stocks of utility specific joints, house service cut outs, multi-way service boards, and heavy duty cut outs. The SERVICE CONNECTION section has been added to the catalogue to demonstrate our commitment to this important area of activity.

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Quality Policy

‘The Cable Services Group of Companies Quality Policy is to maintain, on a continuous basis, an effectively managed Quality Assurance Programme, designed to assure customers that materials conform to the laid down procedures of BS/EN/ISO 9000 and similar types of quality assurance specification.’
(Extracted from the Quality Manual of the Cable Services Group of Companies).

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Loyalty & Service

We consider the relationship Cable Services has with its suppliers to be fundamental to our success. The supplier agreements have existed for many years, with great emphasis being placed on supplier loyalty, bringing tangible benefits in the high standard of service and competitive prices we offer to our customers. One of the keys to our efficient delivery service is our bulk buying policy, serving the four companies in the Cable Services Group.

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Cable Services Group Locations

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Technical Support

Full technical back up is available to our customers on all the products supplied by the group. Our limited integrated range, means that our sales personnel are exceptionally well informed and therefore able to assist customers with any enquiry. In the event of a question being beyond our experience, our long standing relationship with our suppliers means that their technical expertise is immediately available.

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