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Cable Earthing
Cable Earthing

Cable Services are pleased to offer
Furse Earthing Solutions Services

  • Evaluate the project scope, and identify the relevant applicable standards/specifications.
  • Review and identify the type of installation, i.e green field or existing site. Working with existing sites can often lead to increased workload, Furse may need information pertaining to the whole site as this can directly affect and
    possibly influence the design intent or study.
  • Prospective earth fault current for each voltage level or fault scenario to be considered. i.e. the current that under fault conditions will flow into or out of the substation via the earth grid e.g in-feed from local 11kV substation/network.
  • Earth fault current protection clearing times.
  • Prospective short circuit current at each voltage level e.g 11kV and 415V
  • Short circuit current duration at each voltage level.
  • A full site plan drawing. This must include any surrounding areas, substations, transformers etc..
  • Overall single line diagram.
  • Details of existing earthing systems i.e existing substation earthing arrangements and resistance values.
  • All relevant civil/mechanical details of the site i.e buried services, reinforced concrete foundation/pilling layout, site extents, fencing details.
  • Details of H.V connection(s) to site i.e. Overhead line cable type, length, phase conductor size and the resistance to earth of the installation at the remote end (Fault source).
  • Single point contacts from the customer/client.

The following information will enable us to provide accurate earthing designs, calculations, studies and quotations.

In the absence of any of the above information whereby assumptions are made then the final design/results might be compromised and render the information supplied invalid.

Furse Eathing Products

Cable Services / Furse can offer the follow level of service:

  • Site visit to carry out soil resistivity surveys.
  • Analysis of the soil resistivity results and the production of a homogeneous or multi layer soil model for use in subsequent earthing design calculations.
  • The production of a below ground earthing system computer model using the soil resistivity model described above.
  • Supply an analysis of the below ground earthing system computer model with regards to the safety of the site i.e. with respect to the resistance to earth, rise of earth potential, step & touch and transferred potentials.
  • Safety analysis that allows for two alternative surface layer resistivities.
  • Verification of the safety of the below ground earthing system (If a valid design is possible) which will be illustrated by a number of voltage contour drawings covering the area of the site.
  • Detailed calculations supporting the above analysis up to the point whereby calculations are not viable.
  • A layout of the finalized below ground earth electrode system, illustrated on one or more plot plan drawings at a suitable scale for clarity.
  • Specific details of the finalized below ground earth electrode system, illustrated on one or more detailed drawings at a suitable scale for clarity.
  • Installation specification produced for the below ground earthing system.
  • Bill of quantities for the materials as specified on the design in accordance with the design.

Sample Material Spec:

Furse Earth Spec Sheet

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