September 30 2022 0Comment
Cable Services

How has Cable Services evolved over 50 years?

In the same year, the Cable Services journey began, UK decimalisation was introduced, the microprocessor was invented, and Greenpeace was founded. These 3 examples from virtually day one of business are just some representations of how, indirect national and international events have directly changed how Cable Services operates and how the markets it serves can be influenced over time.

Many other events over the years, including the recent Coronavirus Pandemic and the UK leaving the European Union, have necessitated the need to adapt the way we trade and in years to come will also be looked back upon as contributing to the evolution of Cable Services.

Today the business is managed, operated, and administered utilising modern ERP and CRM systems supported by the latest computer and communication technology, a far cry from the original handwritten systems of the 70’s!

Market sector changes and the introduction of new market sectors, such as privatisation and the industrialisation of renewable energy generation, coupled with technology advancements, have revolutionised the products we stock and the way we distribute to service our customers.

So, from invoice no. 1 raised back in 1971 for the supply of cable glands and seals (still available today) to a contractor local to Wrexham, to where we are in 2021 with customers around the world, our product portfolio and stock profile has grown substantially to satisfy the needs of our ever-evolving customer base.

The first 50 years have been challenging, but onwards and upwards, and here’s to the next half century!