3M™ QTIII Cold Shrink Single Core Indoor Terminations 12/20(24) kV Cables

3M™ QTIII Cold Shrink Series Kits are designed for 24kV Umax voltage class, Single core polymeric power cable systems according to HD 620 (IEC 60502). QTIII terminations are manufactured from silicone rubber, which has been specially formulated to enhance the properties required for MV terminations


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Reference Name
93-EP610-1 25-120mm2 conductor size, Indoor type
93-EP620-1 95-300mm2 conductor size, Indoor type
93-EP630-2 185-500mm conductor size, Indoor type
93-EP640-2 500-630mm2 conductor size, Indoor type
93-EP621-2 50-95mm conductor size, Outdoor type
93-EP631-2 120-400mm2 conductor size, Outdoor type
93-EP641-2 500-630mm2 conductor size, Outdoor type