Boddingtons Insulated Link Extractors

– For removal of cable links in underground cable link boxes
– Screwdriver type style for restricted access
– Orange insulation throughout via injection moulding
– Permanent laser marking to stop fading throughout the lifetime of the product via wear and tear.
– Each product has a batch number for traceability

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Data Sheets

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1025001/2" BSF Female Thread size
1025101/4" Whit Thread Form, Male Thread size
1023084 x 8mm Thread Form, Male Thread size
1024053/16" Sq Acme Form Thread 3/8" OD, Male Thread size
1024003/16" Sq End, Male Thread size
102390M8, Male Thread size
1023803/8" Whit, Male Thread size
1023705/6" Whit, Male Thread size
1023601/4" Whit, Male Thread size
1023503/16" Whit, Male Thread size
1024101/4" Female Thread size
1024903/8" BSF Female Thread size
1024805/16" BSF Female Thread size
1024701/4" BSF Female size
1024601/2" Whit L Hand Female Thread size
102450M8 Female Thread size
1024401/2"Female Thread size
1024303/8"Female Thread size
1024205/16" Female Thread size