FurseWELD Exothermic Welding – Handles


Exothermic Welding Handle Clamps for use with Furseweld Moulds.


Selection Table

Data Sheets

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HCPK1For single part moulds size
HCPK2For single part moulds size
HCPK3For Two part moulds size
HCPK4AFor multi-part moulds, with chain grip size
HCPK4For Two part moulds size
HCPK3AFor two part moulds, with chain grip size
HCPK3BFor single part moulds, sprung size
HCPK5For multi-part moulds size
HCPK7For multi-part moulds size
HCPK8For multi-part moulds size
HCR1For single block rail moulds size
HCR2For double block rail moulds size
F1-FUFrame for use with Handle Clamp HCPK4 size
F2-FUFrame for use with Handle Clamp HCPK5 size