FurseWELD Exothermic Welding Tools and Accessories


FurseWELD Exothermic Welding Tools and Accessories


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RB25-RB120Rail Bonds size
TK200Standard Toolkit for Cable to Cable Joints size
TK100Standard Toolkit for Bar to Bar Joints size
TB100-FUWelding Toolbox (10) size
STM1-FUMould Cleaning Scraper (9) size
S108A-S111ACopper Sleeve (8) size
S102-S111Copper Sleeve (8) size
RCF01Rail Foot Scraper size
RCW01Rail Web Scraper size
RCH01Rail Head Scraper size
B135Cable Cleaning Brush (1) size
PACK-APacking (7) size
MJ4-MJ5Mould Jacket (6) size
HD35-HD150Hammer Die size
FLINTSReplacement Flints (pack of 100) size
FGUNFlint Lighter Gun (5) size
DUXSEALSealing Compound (4) size
BFCCard Cloth Brush (3) size
BCMMold Cleaning Brush (2) size