GBZ GB-FLM20-UK Cable Sheath Stripper

Just only one tool for all 3 steps of cable jointing of medium voltage cables with easy-strip semiconductor screen.
► Cutting and removing of outer screen
► Depth guided scoring of semi-con screen
► Cutting and removing of insulation

Working range is between diameter 20 – 58 mm. Cuts the outer sheath and the insulation up to a thickness of maximum 10 mm.
The scoring depth for cutting the easy-strip semi conductive layer can be fixed by 0.3/0.4 ore 0.7/0.8 mm due to the thickness of the layer.

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Reference Name
GB-FLM20-UK Multitool for Scoring Semi-Con Screen & Cutting and Removing Outer Screen and Insulation Range 20-58mm size
GB-FLM20-S9 Plastic insert for 25 - 50mm2 size
GB-FLM20-S1 Spare Blade 3° Cutting - Single size
GB-FLM20-S2 Spare Blade Scoring 2 depths - Single size