Lawson J Type Fuse Links

Lawson J Type Fuses are high-quality fuse links designed for use in alternating current (AC) electricity supply networks. These fuses are vital components in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems. They are commonly installed in distribution boards, feeder pillars, link boxes, pole-mounted cutouts, and heavy-duty service intakes, catering to a broad range of applications in power distribution and circuit protection.



Key Features:

  • Voltage Ratings: Lawson J Type Fuses have a rated voltage of 415V AC, with a test recovery voltage certified at 110%, ensuring suitability for systems with voltages up to 457V AC. This range meets the transitional voltage requirements within the harmonised nominal voltage of 400V AC.
  • Current Ratings: The product range covers a wide array of current ratings, offering specific models from 20 amps up to 800 amps. This extensive range ensures that there is a Lawson J Type Fuse to meet the requirements of various electrical loads and applications.
  • Design and Compliance: With fixing centres available in 82mm and 92mm diameters, these fuses conform to BS88 standards, highlighting their compliance with British and international safety regulations. The design also facilitates easy installation and replacement, providing a practical solution for electrical safety and maintenance.
  • Applications: They are specifically designed for AC electricity supply networks and find their application across a multitude of settings that require reliable circuit protection. This includes, but is not limited to, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and infrastructure projects where electrical safety and integrity are paramount.


  • Safety and Protection: By interrupting excessive current flow, Lawson J Type Fuses prevent overloads and short circuits, significantly reducing the risk of electrical fires and damage to equipment.
  • Compliance and Standards: Meeting BS88 and other relevant standards, these fuses ensure that electrical installations are compliant with safety regulations, thereby avoiding potential legal and financial repercussions.
  • Versatility: The wide range of current ratings and the adaptability of these fuses to different systems make them suitable for a variety of applications, enhancing their utility in diverse electrical installations.


When selecting Lawson J Type Fuses, it’s important to consider the specific electrical requirements of the application, including the correct current rating and the system voltage. Proper selection is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of the fuses in protecting electrical circuits. It is recommended to consult with a professional or refer to technical datasheets provided by Lawson Fuses for detailed specifications and guidance.

Selection Table

Data Sheets

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Reference Name
JPU20 20amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU32 32amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU40 40amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU50 50amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU63 63amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU80 80amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU100 100amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU125 125amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU160 160amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU200 200amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU250 250amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU315 315amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU355 355amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU400 400amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU450 450amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU500 500amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU560 560amps rating, 82mm diameter
JPU630 630amps rating, 82mm diameter
JSU20 20amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU32 32amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU40 40amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU50 50amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU63 63amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU80 80amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU100 100amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU125 125amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU160 160amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU200 200amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU250 250amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU315 315amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU355 355amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU400 400amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU450 450amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU500 500amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU560 560amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU630 630amps rating, 92mm diameter
JSU800 800amps rating, 92mm diameter