Lucy Zodion Titan 2 Extention Troughs & Gland Plates

Lucy Zodion’s Titan range of street lighting cut outs has been designed and tested to meet BS 7654 and manufactured with high quality engineering thermoplastics. Complete with earth blocks, Titan cut outs are available with extension troughs, brass gland plates, grommets, holes and tubes to meet a wide range of configuration requirements.


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NG60Brass Plate with Grommets 1x20mm + 2xLM25 Tubes variant
NG82Brass Plate with Grommets 1x25mm+2xBW25 variant
NG81Brass Plate 3xBW25 variant
NG68Brass Plate with Grommets 3x20mm variant
NG67Brass Plate 3xLM20 Tubes variant
NG66Brass Plate with Grommets 2x25mm variant
NG65Brass Plate 3x20mm BW Glands variant
NG64Brass Plate 1xLM25 Tube + 2xLM32 Tubes variant
NG63Brass Plate 1xLM20 Tube + 2xLM32 Tubes variant
NG62Brass Plate 1x20mm with Grommets + 2xLM32 Tubes variant
NG61Brass Plate 3xLM25 Tubes variant
NEAExtension Trough Triple Entry variant
NG55Brass Plate with Grommets 1xBW20 +1xBW25 variant
NG53Brass Plate with Grommets 3x25mm variant
NG52Brass Plate with Grommets 1x20mm + 2x25mm variant
NG51Plastic Plate with Grommets 3x25mm variant
NEFShort Extension Trough Double Entry variant
NEEShort Extension Trough Triple Entry variant
NEDExtension Trough Double Entry variant
NECLarge Extension Trough NEA + NEB variant
NEBEx Extension Trough variant