Prysmian Bicon BX1 Electrical Joint Inhibitor Compound

The Prysmian Bicon BX1 Electrical Joint Inhibitor Compound is designed to significantly enhance electrical connections, especially between aluminium to aluminium and aluminium to copper joints. Its formulation is engineered to prevent galvanic corrosion, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of electrical joints.


BX1 Electrical Joint Inhibitor Compound

Key Features:

  • Material: Utilises a natural (petroleum) grease base, chosen for its robust performance in preventing water and other contaminants from compromising the connection. This base aids in preventing the formation of surface oxides.
  • Design: Features zinc particles suspended in a liquid grease vehicle. These particles are essential for breaking down oxide layers on conducting surfaces, thus forming electrical bridges to improve the connection’s electrical performance.
  • Application: Ideally suited for use in environments without insulation on the joint, such as substations and switchgear, and is recommended for all bare outdoor applications due to its excellent weathering properties.
  • Performance: Enhances electrical connections and provides effective corrosion prevention, contributing to reduced maintenance needs and extending the electrical systems’ lifespan.


  • Corrosion Prevention: Delivers exceptional protection against galvanic corrosion, ensuring the long-term reliability of electrical connections.
  • Improved Electrical Performance: Improves joint connections and lowers contact resistance, enhancing the overall efficiency of the electrical system.
  • Durability: Its resistance to environmental factors makes it an optimal choice for outdoor applications, offering lasting protection.


  • Compatibility: While compatible with a broad range of materials, it can react chemically with rubber insulation and, to a lesser degree, polyethylene, potentially leading to swelling and a reduction in the insulation material’s tensile strength. However, this effect can be minimised by removing any excess compound from the connection after application.
  • Application Process: The conducting surfaces should be thoroughly scratch brushed before application, with any excess compound removed post-application to avoid adverse effects on insulation materials.

This product exemplifies Prysmian’s dedication to innovation in the electrical industry, providing a robust solution for enhancing electrical connections’ safety and efficiency.

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Reference Name
BX1-225 225g range
BX1BUCKET 3Kg range