TE Connectivity Raychem MXSU Medium Voltage Heat Shrink Cable Joints for 1-Core Polymeric Cables 12kV

TE Connectivity’s (TE) Raychem MXSU jointing system offer a comprehensive range of joints for all cable types. TE’s Raychem MXSU are based on a joint design using mechanical connectors for conductor and wire shields which are also supplied with the kit. The kits are widely range taking and cover most conductor constructions including their tolerances. Due to the mechanical connectors the joints are easy to install with no crimping tools needed when connecting the cables and no tool maintenance required. TE’s Raychem MXSU are short joints of a space saving design, an essential characteristic when space is limited. Reliability and performance are essential when it comes to customer demands and the MXSU exceeds international performance standards including CENELEC HD 629 or IEC 60502-4 for joints.

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MXSU311125-95mm2 cable connector size
MXSU312170-150mm2 cable connector size
MXSU313195-240mm2 cable connector size
MXSU3132150-300mm2 cable connector size
MXSU3141240-400mm2 cable connector size
MXSU3151500mm2 cable connector size
MXSU-3161630mm2 cable connector size
MXSU3171800mm2 cable connector size
MXSU31811000mm2 cable connector size