TE Connectivity RDSS Rayflate Duct Sealing System for power cables – Installation tools

RDSS duct seals can be installed with a variety of inflation tools having the capability of inflating RDSS to 45±3 psi (3 bar) of pressure. The tools Tyco Electronics offers are summarized in the table below.


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RDSS-TOOL-IT-16 Inflation tool designed with an ON/OFF switch and an automatic pressure-monitoring system. The required CO2 gas cylinders (E7512-0160) must be ordered separately diameter size, 1 Tool/box pack
E7512-0160 16-gr CO2 gas cylinders for the RDSS-IT-16 tool. Each gas cylinder inflates approximately four RDSS-100 duct seals. diameter size, 10 cylinders / box pack
E7512-0220 Tube snap assembly. Spare part for RDSS-IT-16 inflation tool. diameter size, 1 each / box pack
E7512-0240 Spare pressure gauge assembly for RDSS-IT-16 inflation tool. diameter size, 1 each / box pack
E7512-0260 Spare delivery pipe for RDSS-IT-16 inflation tool diameter size, 1 each / box pack
RDSS-AT/AP-150 For use with the RDSS-150 in duct 5.25” or larger with cable/cable bundles less than 2.4"(60mm) in diameter. diameter size, 1 each / box pack
E4540-1250 RDSS-LUBE for installation of RDSS. diameter size, 25 each / box pack
RDSS-AD-210 Rayflate adapter for large duct sizes for use with RDSS-125 and RDSS-150 duct seals. Suitable for empty ducts. diameter size, RDSS-AD-210 is boxed in batches of 4 and supplied with 1 lubricant dispenser and installation instructions pack