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Cable Services

The Journey continues

When Cable Services (North West) Limited started trading on 11th September 1971, the business was conducted from a small box room at Joe and Lily’s home, with the garage serving as a stockroom.

After about 8 months the Company moved premises to a former corner shop in Wrexham, where the business progressed for approximately 5 years.

Then it was on to bigger and better things when a purpose-built suite of offices with a large warehouse attached was constructed in Rhosrobin, just a short distance away.

The Building in Rhosrobin was perfect for requirement for a while, but then even more space was needed, so the Company were able to buy land on the Rhosddu Industrial Estate to build, first of all a much larger warehouse, and then later a block of offices and more warehousing.

This site remained the home of Cable Services in Wrexham until 2020.

Cable Services
Cable Services