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Medium Voltage Termination
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Raychem Screened Separable Connector System RSTI-58

800amp up to 24kV

Raychem RSTI-58 screened separable connectors are designed to connect single and three core polymeric cables to medium voltage gas insulated switchgear and other equipment using CENELEC bushing type ā€˜Cā€™ specified for 630 / 1250amp up to 24kV.

Screened Separable Connection System with Mechanical Lugs and Shear Bolts

  • 12kV range available in 5 cross section sizes from 35mm2 - 300mm2
  • 24kV range available in 4 cross section sizes from 35mm2 - 300mm2
  • Also suitable for lead sheathed cables and transition joints.
  • 1400u resin - suitable for areas where there is a risk of gas, oil, sewage or chemical spillage.

Download the PDF across for full list of sizes

Product Range:

  • RSTI-58
    Using DIN compression lugs to cover the same range also available.
  • RSTI-CC-58
    Screened separable coupling system to make double connections, single core branch-offs and disconnectable joints also available.
  • RSTI
    Screened separable connectors are also available for 630amps up to 36 (42)kV and up to 630mm2.

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For further information and download links on the Raychem Screened Separable Connector System see our Cable Termination microsite.

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Raychem Connector System RSTI-58
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