3M Scotch Hazardous Area Straight Cable Joints

3M™ Scotchcast™ Hazardous Area joint kits include the new flame-retardant, hydrocarbon resistant,halogen-free 1402FR resin packs. Designed for use with both single-core and multi-core armoured power cables up to 3.3kV, this product features a totally enclosed resin mixing system which is suitable for use in areas of high soil contamination and ATEX-rated Hazardous Areas.


Selection Table

Data Sheets

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Reference Name
LVI38 55.0-100.0mm range
LVI32C 14.0-30.0mm range
LVI33C 23.0-35.0mm range
LVI34 28.0-47.0mm range
LVI35 45.0-60.0mm range
LVI36 48.0-70.0mm range
LVI37 50.0-90.0mm range