Furse Earth Bar with Twin Disconnecting Link

Furse earth bars have a plastic channel base that is entirely corrosion proof, made from high impact uPVC unlike the traditional galvanized steel channel. The use of a modern polymer channel has also reduced the weight of these earth bars, making them lighter and easier to handle. Available as bare copper or tinned copper hard drawn bar. Pre-drilled fixing holes for ease of installation. Swan-Neck accessory available to facilitate the main earth bar connection. Standard height 90 mm, standard depth 77 mm. Tightening torque 20 Nm. Fix using countersunk wood screws 1½” No. 12 (Part no. SW110) and wall plugs (Part no. PS310).


Selection Table

Data Sheets

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LK207550mm size, 6 way fixing type
LK207-8650mm size, 8 way fixing type
LK207-10800mm size, 10 way fixing type
LK207-12900mm size, 12 way fixing type
LK207-141000mm size, 14 way fixing type
LK207-161100mm size, 16 way fixing type
LK207-181200mm size, 18 way fixing type
LK207-201350mm size, 20 way fixing type
LK207-221450mm size, 22 way fixing type
LK207-241550mm size, 24 way fixing type
LK207-261650mm size, 26 way fixing type
LK207-281800mm size, 28 way fixing type
LK207-301900mm size, 30 way fixing type