Furse Earth Bar with Twin Disconnecting Link

Furse earth bars with twin disconnecting link offer a corrosion-proof solution for earthing needs.

Furse earth bars, designed with a corrosion-proof plastic channel base made from high-impact uPVC, offer a durable and versatile alternative to traditional galvanized steel. This modern polymer base not only ensures longevity but also reduces weight, making these earth bars lighter and easier to handle.

Choose from bare copper or tinned copper hard-drawn bar, each pre-drilled for simple installation. With a standard height of 90 mm and a depth of 77 mm, these earth bars fit seamlessly into various setups. A swan-neck accessory is also available to facilitate the main earth bar connection.

To install, use 1½-inch No. 12 countersunk wood screws (Part no. SW110) and wall plugs (Part no. PS310), ensuring a secure and stable mounting. Tightening torque is 20 Nm.

Upgrade to Furse earth bars for a reliable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant solution, ideal for a wide range of earthing applications.


Selection Table

Data Sheets

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Reference Name
LK207 550mm size, 6 way fixing type
LK207-8 650mm size, 8 way fixing type
LK207-10 800mm size, 10 way fixing type
LK207-12 900mm size, 12 way fixing type
LK207-14 1000mm size, 14 way fixing type
LK207-16 1100mm size, 16 way fixing type
LK207-18 1200mm size, 18 way fixing type
LK207-20 1350mm size, 20 way fixing type
LK207-22 1450mm size, 22 way fixing type
LK207-24 1550mm size, 24 way fixing type
LK207-26 1650mm size, 26 way fixing type
LK207-28 1800mm size, 28 way fixing type
LK207-30 1900mm size, 30 way fixing type