nVent Raychem TM10 Mechanical Thermostat

nVent RAYCHEM T-M-10-S/+x+y is a non-hazardous area mechanical surface sensing thermostat providing temperature control for heating cables. Available in ranges: 0 °C-50 °C; 0 °C-200 °C; 50 °C-300 °C. The temperature set point can be adjusted without opening the enclosure via a removable plug in the lid. Direct connection of the heating cable is possible, switching current capacity is 16 A.

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Reference Name
T-M-10-S/0+200C 0 – 200 °C description
T-M-10-S/0+50C 0 – 50 °C description
T-M-10-S/+50+300C 50 – 300 °C description