Self-Regulating Heating Cable: nVent Raychem XTV

nVent RAYCHEM XTV self-regulating trace heating cables are mainly used for freeze protection of pipes and vessels that require steam cleaning and process temperature maintenance, up to 250 °F/121 °C. They withstand intermittent exposure to 482 °F/250 °C. The fluoropolymer outer jacket (-CT) provides high chemical resistance against aggressive organics and corrosion.

Installing the nVent RAYCHEM XTV self-regulating heating cable is a straightforward process. These cables can be easily installed on pipework, tanks, or vessels using cable ties, aluminium or glass fibre tape, or suitable adhesives before covering them with insulation. The cables can be cut to any desired length, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to suit various application requirements.


 nVent RAYCHEM XTV: A Trusted Self-Regulating Heating Cable for Efficient Trace Heating

This high-quality self-regulating heating cable, formerly known as Raychem trace heating, is designed to provide exceptional performance in freeze protection, temperature maintenance, and various industrial and commercial applications.

XTV self-regulating heating cable Benefits:

  1. Temperature Range: Suitable for freeze protection and process temperature maintenance up to 250°F (121°C), with intermittent exposure to 482°F (250°C).
  2. Chemical Resistance: Robust fluoropolymer outer jacket (-CT) provides exceptional resistance against aggressive chemicals and corrosives for long-lasting performance.
  3. Self-Regulating Technology: Heat output adjusts automatically based on ambient temperature and insulation for efficient, precise temperature control.
  4. Versatility: Suitable for freeze protection, temperature maintenance, process heating, deicing systems, and temperature control across various industries.

What is a Self-Regulating Heating Cable?

Self-regulating heating cables, also known as trace heating cables or heating tapes, are specialised electric cables designed to provide controlled and efficient heat for temperature maintenance and freeze protection. These cables are constructed with a conductive heating element, insulation layers, and protective outer jackets, ensuring safe and reliable heat transfer.

Technical Data

Data Sheets

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Reference Name
4XTV2-CT-T3 12 W/m description, High Temperature Fluoropolymer size
8XTV2-CT-T3 25 W/m description, High Temperature Fluoropolymer size
12XTV2-CT-T3 38 W/m description, High Temperature Fluoropolymer size
15XTV2-CT-T3 47 W/m description, High Temperature Fluoropolymer size
20XTV2-CT-T2 63 W/m description, High Temperature Fluoropolymer size