TE Connectivity CRSM Heat Shrink Wraparound Sleeves Cable Jacket Repair

TE’s Raychem CRSM heat shrink wraparound sleeves fit easily onto the cable to repair the outer jacket and seal against moisture. The closure system consists of a raised rail profile and a stainless steel channel which can be installed without any special tools. The hot-melt sealant provides a reliable environmental seal.

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CRSM-34/10-1500/23911 - 27mm size
CRSM-53/13-1500/23915 - 43mm size
CRSM-84/20-1500/23922 - 68mm size
CRSM-107/29--1500/23932 - 86mm size
CRSM-143/36-1500/23940 - 115mm size
CRSM-198/55-1500/23960 - 160mm size