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Medium Voltage Cable Jointing
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3M QS1000 Cold Shrink System 6.6 / 11kV Joints

  • One piece cold shrink joint body.
  • 100% tested after manufacture.
  • Suitable for paper and polymeric cables.

Joint Types

  • Single Core Polymeric - Copper Wire Screen / Copper Tape Screen Joints
    available in 3 sizes from 70mm2 - 400mm2
  • Three Core Polymeric/Belted Paper (PILC, PICAS) Transition, Lead Sheaths and/or Armoured Joints
    available in 3 sizes from 70mm2 - 400mm2
    (select basic joint, then add additional items as appropriate)
  • Outer Protection Selection for 92-AV Joints above (either Cold Shrink or Mould and Resin)
    Hazardous area resin option available
  • Three Core Trifucating / Transition 3 Core Belted PILC / PICAS to 3 Single Polymeric Joints
    available in 3 sizes from 50mm2 - 400mm2
    Hazardous area resin option available
  • Three Core Trifurcating - 3 Core Polymeric, Copper Tape Screen, Armoured to Single Core Polymeric Joints
    available in 2 sizes from 50mm2 - 185mm2
  • Cold Shrink Single Core Polymeric Cable Build Up Supplementary Kit
    available in 3 sizes from 25mm2 - 240mm2
    (Select in conjunction with an QS1000 joint kit for polymeric cable, when one or both the conductors to be joined fall below the minimum range for the joint.)
  • Mechanical Earthing System available in a range of sizes up to 300mm2

Download the PDF across for full list of sizes.

6.6 / 11 / 24 and 33kV
Using the 3M QS2000 and QS111 Cold Shrink Joint Bodies

3M cold shrink solutions are available for:

  • Single core branch - XLPE / copper wire screened up to 24kV.
  • Single core for polymeric, copper wire screened 12 / 24 and 36kV.
  • 3 core for polymeric, copper tape screen, armoured 36kV.
  • Single core transition for polymeric to paper MIND cables 36kV.
  • Trifurcating / Transition for single core XLPE to 3 core PILC 36kV (mould & resin).
  • Single core for polymeric copper wire screen up to 52kV.

Consult our sales office for guidance.

For further information and download links on the 3M QS1000 Cold Shrink Jointing System see our Medium Voltage Cable Jointing microsite.

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3M QS1000 Cold Shrink System Joints
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