TE Connectivity Heat-shrinkable Halogen-free Cable Breakouts for Power Cables up to 1kV

TE Connectivity Raychem heat-shrinkable medium-wall product lines of cable breakouts are designed for insulation and cable crutch protection on low voltage cable accessories, such as low voltage terminations. They are also used in sealing against moisture and mechanical protection in low voltage splices especially in transition joints.


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502S01323 - 9.5mm range
302K33328 - 9.2mm range
402W53338 - 13mm range
502K03345 - 16.5mm range
502K04645 - 19mm range
302K22448 - 32mm range
903K01550 - 25mm range
402W51663 - 22mm range
603W03568 - 26mm range
402W52070 - 25mm range
502K01675 - 25mm range
502K02080 - 25mm range
603W04085 - 26mm range
402W52585 - 33mm range
302K46686 - 42mm range
402W53090 - 43mm range
402W52695 - 28mm range
502K026100 - 31mm range
402W248115 - 45mm range
402W545124 - 60mm range
402W439170 - 60mm range
502R810170 - 60mm range