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Cable Heat Shrink Products
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MWTM Heat Shrink Tubing

Medium wall thickness adhesive coated heat shrink tubing

MWTM is in wide use in low voltage cable joints and terminations. The wide shrink ratio makes it particularly useful for cable repairs. MWTM is normally supplied with an inner adhesive wall which melts during installation. Uncoated tubing is available.

Standard Stock Sizes (Spool Length 1500mm)

  • MWTM 10/3 - 1500/S
  • MWTM 16/5 - 1500/S
  • MWTM 25/8 - 1500/S
  • MWTM 35/12 - 1500/S
  • MWTM 50/16 - 1500/S
  • MWTM 63/19 - 1500/S
  • MWTM 75/22 - 1500/S
  • MWTM 115/34 - 1500/S

Note: figure in the above list show diameter before and after
(i.e. 10/3 - 10mm before, 3mm after heat shrink)
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