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Cable Heat Shrink Products
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Wrap Around Sheath Repairs

Heat-shrinkable wraparound system for plastic or metal sheathed cable repair

CRSM wraparounds are a fast and permanent cable repair and sealing system. The repair sleeve is quickly fitted in place by means of its rail and channel closure. A moisture-proof, insulating and tight-fitting repair is then obtained in one step by heating, which makes the sleeve diameter shrink and the adhesive coating melt and flow into interstices. Because of its heat-shrinkability, each CRSM size will fit several different cable diameters. The adhesive exhibits excellent bonding and sealing characteristics to all materials commonly used in the various cable and sheath constructions, such as plastic, rubber, lead and aluminium. CRSM wraparounds are made of an abrasion and corrosion resistant semi-rigid material, and are one result of our extensive capability in materials technology. As the world’s leading maker of heatshrinkable materials, we offer a wide range of tubings and moulded parts for any application where a tight, insulating or fluid resistant cover is required over uniform or irregularly shaped objects. These products are available in a wide range of formulations to meet the demands of the growing world of energy.

Product Reference (Diameter Range mm)

  • CRSM 34 / 10 (12 - 21mm diameter range)
  • CRSM 53 / 13 (15 - 32mm diameter range)
  • CRSM 84 / 20 (23 - 50mm diameter range)
  • CRSM 107 / 29 (34 - 65mm diameter range)
  • CRSM 143 / 36 (42 - 86mm diameter range)
  • CRSM 198 / 55 (62 - 120mm diameter range)
  • CRSM 250 / 98 (111 - 150mm diameter range)

The standard length of CRSM is 1500mm and can be cut using a sharp knife.

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