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Low Voltage Cable Jointing
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Raychem Dry Self-Supporting Outdoor Termination OHVT-D System

For high voltage cables up to 145 kV from TE Connectivity

The dry self-supporting termination is designed for voltage class 145 kV and operation under severe environmental conditions. It is free from any insulating liquid or gel. Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adopted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. The polymeric housing with long creepage length covers extreme pollution levels according to IEC 60071-1 1996, IEC 60071-2 1996 and IEEE-1313.1-1996. Its mechanical performance is similar to conventional oil-filled terminations with composite housing. The termination is easily separable and consists of a plug-in part and an epoxy resin insulator protected with a directly moulded silicone shed housing. Due to the short cable cut-back dimensions of the plug-in the time required to install the termination is very short and can be further re duced in case of short cable links by pre-installing the plug-in on the shop floor. The plug-in is similar to the plug-in used with our dry switchgear/transformer termination.

The termination is designed according to following standards: IEC-60840, IEC-60815, IEEE-48; IEEE-1313.

Termination Features

  • Dry interface, no oil-filling
  • Self-supporting
  • Pre-fabricated and factory tested silicone-rubber stress cone
  • Torque-controlled multi-contact conductor bolt
  • Fast and simple installation combining GIS plug-in technology with polymeric insulators
  • No special tools required to install the termination
  • Isolated cable gland for sectionalization
  • Long creepage length
  • Type tested according to IEC 60840

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Dry Self-Supporting Outdoor Termination
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